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Synopsis: Multi Breaker is the art of break bricks faster than his opponents. You do not play alone but against an opponent in duels where sending penalty is more fun! And you have goals in the manner of Candy Crush. Multi Breaker is the revival of the famous game Breakout.


  • The art of breaking bricks faster than his opponent!
  • 2 game modes: duel against the computer or against a player on the Internet
  • 7 game mode of colorful worlds among Tropical, Space, Ocean ...
  • 18 bonus with Anti-Gravity, Multi Balls, Plasma Shot, Fog, Reverse Control ...
  • To be achieved for each party to win even more money.
  • Rewards when you win with 3 stars.
  • Hours of gameplay with different objectives.
  • And a soundtrack worthy of arcade machines 80's by artist LukHash!
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Multi Breaker - Official Gameplay Video


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