Comming Soon Multi Brick Breaker - Android, iOs
    Jetpack High - Android - iOs - Black Berry 10
    Paper Ball - Android - Bada - PC
    Hole in the wall - xBox 360 Kinect
    La choco aventure - Android - iOs

     Indie Games Studio

    Chaos Interactive is an indie game studio born in 2007 to create great games. Behind Chaos Interactive is hidden an indie game developer, Thibaut, who develop its own games and collaborate with others games studios.
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    Rules The Race

    Rules The Race will be a semi open world.

    Work In progress

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    Jeu vidéo RGT

    Wahoo RGT

    RGT was a home training fitness game connected to a home trainer Wahoo.

    Server are closed

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    Jeu vidéo Lohf

    Lohf Production

    I work as lead developper on mobile game and server backend.


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    Jeu vidéo Android

    Multi Brick Breaker

    Multi Brick Breaker is the art of break bricks faster than his opponents.

    August 20th, 2020

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    Jeu vidéo Android

    Jetpack High

    Jetpack High is a cartoon game in which you suit a jetpack to fly as high possible.


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    From Game Design and artworks by Dowino, I developed mobile, web game. 2018

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    Développement du gameplay pour indiana jones IV sur didj pour Leapfrog

    Indiana Jones 4

    Outsourcing for Virtuos and Leapfrog. Works on gameplay.

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