Synopsis: Discover the colorful world of Jetpack High and its too cute heroes, Little Birdy and Pamboo. Rises as high as possible and avoid all obstacles on your way to go to the rescue of the bride of Little Birdy.

You risk to like dying with one of five cartoony death. Be carefull of the traps: flames, cutting circular saws, electric zappers prevent you from being the number one of the world rankings with Scoreloop.

Catch all bonuses along the way to help you always go higher into space and raises the maximum coins to upgrade your equipments and your power up.


  • Too cute characters we love to see die
  • Control by touch or tilt
  • Some funny deaths
  • Fly into the space
  • Performs no less than 95 missions and thus increases your character level
  • 23 levels of character completely crazy
  • Hours of gameplay with different objectives.
  • Share your score and rank with your friends on Facebook and Game Center.
  • FREE
Castor Amas kidnapped his girlfriend

Jetpack High - Official Trailer


We have translate game text to 7 languages

  • English
  • French

Localization in progress

  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spannish
  • German
  • Deutch

iPhone & iPad


BlackBerry 10 & Playbook

Amazon Kindle and Android